You should go read this.

Go ahead.
I’ll wait.

Done? Good. You’re welcome.
Have a conversation today. Don’t be like me, and have it online only. Talk to someone in person. Like, with your face visible to theirs. And your voice reaching their ears without any digital transcription.

Talk about life and death and faith and the fight for it all. Talk about God, because He owns all those things and then some.

Remember to breathe. Remember your life is ending at the rate of sixty seconds per hour and there’s nothin you can do about it, other than make it count. Remember that the people you (and I) ignore in favor of our toys and online ‘presence’ are the ones God has entrusted you to do life with. No matter who they are, you are connected to them – even for a moment.

And that matters. They matter. And so do you. So have a conversation.

With them.
Yes, those people who you never have time for.
Yes, those people you can’t stand.
Yes, those people God chose to create and insert into your day potentially against your will.

And with God.
Your face visible to His, unburied in a screen.
Your voice reaching His ears without any digital transcription.