I am terrible at maintaining a true, and sustained prayer life.

I seriously find so many things to take the place of actually speaking to my King. Even in the liturgical sense- the Lord’s prayer, praying the Psalms, etc. – I am usually so far out of practice. While we were dating, and even as recently as last night, my wife and I have made a point of praying together every night before putting the day to rest. On the phone, miles apart when dating and preparing for the wedding… and now the tradition has carried into our first year+ of marriage.

I think this is a very good thing. It help us to remain grounded, and forced me (as the man) to shut of my ego and submit the authority and direction of my relationship to the Almighty. But in the busyness and chaotic fullness of life, it seems prayer is one of the first items to drop from the pile of to-do’s in our over-encumbered hands.

But the seasons change. Famine will return to feasting someday. The rains will yield a harvest. The valley will lead up the mountain. God is still in control.

And in this season of change – from Autumn toward Winter, I think it’s appropriate I found this piece by one of my recent favorite writers, Mr. Jeff Goins.

I may continue the prayer with my wife nightly, and to some this may sound like empty tradition or simply maintaining the task for it’s own sake. But I disagree. I agree with Mr. Goins, in that perseverance in prayer is exampled for us in Scripture many times. Daniel. Jacob. Paul (for certain). Christ Himself… all gave themselves to prayer for extended, repeated, monotonous seasons – not to give the Father a headache, but to understand His heart through continued, repeated focus upon it.

I like that. I have at times forgotten to pray with my wife at night. She reminds me, I am convicted, the prayer is short and embarrassed. But its there. That submission and reaching out for God in the dark and cluttered and busyness of a finished day.

I also like the “Snowflake Prayer” of Charles Whiston the article mentions:

O Lord Jesus Christ:
In obedience
to your holy claim upon me,
I give myself anew to you this day;
All that I am, all that I have,
To be wholly and unconditionally
yours for your using.
Take me away from myself,
And use me up
As you will,
When you will,
Where you will,
With whom you will.

So happy winter, folks. Don’t let life’s noise drown out your own voice in prayer.