Four Bare Feet has been updated to use Standard Theme version 3.0

Last Friday, WordPress users around the globe let out a collective cheer (probably via Twitter or something).  The guys at 8Bit released their latest opus upon the internet.  And it is very good.


Shamelessly Good Looking

I’ve used a variety of bare-bones and supposedly clean-running Themes on various WordPress sites for awhile now, but none with the usability and speed burned-in to Standard Theme.  Version 3 includes many refinements over older versions, which are listed in detail on the Theme’s website, but the main attraction is the ease of use, gentle customization options for folks unfamiliar with running a blog or other WordPress-powered site, but with tons of ability to let loose your creative customizations.

And it looks pretty slick on mobile devices as well.  I can’t speak to the cleanliness and craft taken in coding the theme itself, but it’s been pretty universally praised for its bones.

Long story short – I couldn’t wait to get FBF running on a new, and better frame.  So far, I’ve really enjoyed it.

If you’re in the market for a WordPress Theme that’s simple, clean, with tons of baked-in features and really cool options, then you should consider obtaining Standard Theme yourself.

Now through July 4th, you can also enter the DISCOUNT CODEStandard3 for 15% off either license version.

What do YOU think of the new theme?

(Full Disclosure - the links included in this post are affiliate links.  If you click through them and buy the things I'm telling you about, then my kid gets a little money in the college fund, unless we're low on food.  No guilt or pressure.  Anyway, they didn't pay me to say nice things about them.)