Hi there.

We’re Harley and David (insert every motorcycle joke we’ve ever heard here).

We’re travelling a few roads at the moment, and this is the collection point for a journey (or twelve) we hope to share with you.

  • We’re still working out how to be the absolute best married couple in history (advice always welcome)
  • We’re figuring out this whole parent thing… you know the one with the kids and such (advice seriously welcome!)
  • We’re looking to create things to hopefully inspire and help out families everywhere (seriously, we’ll take some advice!!!!!)

Our goal with this space is to share our experiences in the realities and beauty of family, home, and the DIY adventures of both!

Professionally, neither of us are contractors, counselors, writers or artists.  But those things are what excite us!  Planning ways to bless your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, your world…  And then DOING IT!  We’re getting better at all the stuff of life, and hope to help you do the same.

Four Bare Feet?

This started as a site for our wedding info, with RSVP’s and maps, and info on the wedding party.  It was pretty cool, and since both of us prefer our leisure time shoe-less, it just seemed like a cute name.  And the name stuck, so why not?


Stay Connected to the ‘Feet

(We would LOVE to keep you updated on the latest happenings of our little DIY life!)

Thanks for reading!