The Bride & Groom

Behold the ramblings of the Groom:

The story of how Harley and I met, and how I tricked her into marrying me is a long, and joyful one…

But I can’t really remember any of it right now, because I’m too busy thinking about how beautiful, graceful, kind, loving, caring, generous, and all-around amazing she is.

It’s distracting, lemme tell ya.

(NOTE: The above sentences exist to get me brownie points.  Guys, give me a high-five through the internet, if you understand. *SMACK!*)

Whoops.  Looks like you broke your computer there…  I didn’t mean for you to actually try and high-five me through the internet.  You can’t sue me for those damages.

Actually, we’ve both been too busy to write out our story.  Planning a wedding is time-consuming.

We’ll put something here soon, though.  Pinky-promise through the internet!  *CRASH!*